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I coach leaders from both the private and public sectors. This includes leaders in financial services, health care, information technology, real estate, energy, chemicals, forestry, and municipalities.

Rob’s support and insight has allowed us to grow and transform into the great company we have today. We would not be achieving what we are today without his involvement.

Jeff Stusek

President and CEO, Information Services Corporation

Rob’s unique coaching style is inspired by his extensive knowledge of the executive world. His ability to ask the right questions ensures his clients come to their own conclusions, which is critical to success. Rob offers sincere, candid, unconditional, constructive support, which can be pretty rare to senior managers. Rob has helped my organization truly strive for excellence.

Jeff Jorgenson

General manager, Transportation & Utilities, City of Saskatoon

Having worked with several executive coaches, Rob is by far and away the best coach that I’ve worked with. He’s got a great ‘down-to-earth’ style, and is all about results and accountability.

Dorian Wandzura

Dorian Wandzura, General Manager, Transportation Services, City of Edmonton

Rob’s thirty-plus years of experience enables him to source out the most important pieces of information from his clients. His flexibility and determination to find and use important information sets Rob apart from other coaches in the industry.

David Highfield

Vice-President of Operations, BC Assessment

Rob’s business experience makes him stand out among many. His polite, matter-of-fact communication style guides his clients to learn how to prioritize, communicate clearly, and reduce workplace-related stress. His take-charge attitude helps his clients work through their challenges, and come out the other side of the conversation with a better, clearer outlook at the problem, with a more concise approach to solving it. He has a unique ability to work with multiple people within an organization while retaining an utmost level of trust and professionalism.

Taryn Scollard

Director, Streets, City of Vancouver

Rob Cooke is a great coach. He asks the right questions, even when they are the hard ones to face. He helps point executives in the right direction.

Michael Braithwaite

Executive Director, Pathways for Children, Youth and Families of York Region

Rob asks the precise questions that focus on the driving forces that motivate and shape his clients. His coaching style is down-to-earth and honest and he has a common-sense approach.

Chris Holden

Director, Community Services, City of Regina

Rob gets his clients thinking differently and moves them away from complacency. He is energetic about getting his clients to focus, and he will not let his clients off the hook if there are tasks to be completed or goals to be accomplished.

Pat Wilson

Director, Waterworks, City of Regina

Rob understands the executive agenda and levels in organizations, and he models consistently the behaviours he asks of his clients. He is trustworthy and a great listener with probing questions, and he always remains calm and friendly. Rob instills confidence and vigor in his clients, and guides them to explore the underlying rationale for making a decision and then decisively act upon it.

Hart Mauritz

Vice-President, Business Innovation, BC Assessment

With over thirty years of business experience, Rob has learned how to read and understand organizations. He has a unique ability to encourage his clients, and challenge them at the same time.

Carli Edwards

Director, Inspection Services and Deputy Chief Building Officer, City of Vancouver

One of Rob’s greatest strengths is his ability to foster trust between his clients and himself. He is able to do this by asking hard questions while being flexible and patient in his approach.

Deanna Bergbusch

Executive Director, Planning and Reporting, Saskatchewan Ministry of Finance