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Creating Clarity of Direction & Strategy

Planning Session Design & Facilitation

Leaders and their teams need to periodically take a time away from the day-to-day routine to engage in serious conversations about the future. The time away needs to be focused and meaningful but at the same time provide an enjoyable and motivational experience. Rob designs, plans and facilitates exceptional leadership retreats that inspire leaders to develop visionary but practical directions and strategies for the future.

Rob is known as a dynamic facilitator who engages leaders in a meaningful way to define a clear and meaningful path forward. In his article, Creating Clarity of Organizational Direction, Rob outlines the key elements for defining meaningful strategic direction.

His engaging facilitation style is practical and concrete with the absence of gimmicks and games. He believes that team and relationship building occur when team members come together to define the organizations future. He challenges team members in a positive but relevant manner to ensure vital perspectives and information are shared and debated, contributing to the articulation of the desired future.

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