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Outsourcing Relationship Management Program

The Outsourcing Relationship Management training program enhances the capability to maximize the performance and value of service provider and outsourcing relationships.

The program is configured to meet the specific needs of each contract management team. The process involves an up-front diagnosis of key issues affecting success and the identification of key learning priorities.  The benefits of the workshop are:

  • Participants will be able to articulate the goals of contract governance and relationship management.
  • Participants will have clarity on the role and expectations of contract management.
  • Participants will identify current contract/vendor related issues and develop resolution strategies and plans.
  • Participants will identify potential risks and develop mitigation strategies and plans.
  • Participants will develop action plans for further enhancing contract and relationship performance.

The workshop is delivered in an interactive and engaging way that directly addresses the issues that contract managers are facing.  The program provides leading-edge theory in a highly useable form and challenges and equips participants to make specific changes immediately, with a plan to build skills and expand learning following the session.  The training program is structured around four key elements of the contract management function:


Performance Management

Performance Management includes monitoring and reporting on service provider performance against contract performance metrics including client/customer satisfaction and costs as well as managing performance issues.

Commitment Management

Commitment Management includes the review and approval of invoices, management of service requests and other proposed changes to the contract as well as ensuring compliance with contractual terms and assessing benefits and outcomes.

Risk Management

Risk Management includes the ongoing assessment of potential contract risks and ensuring that effective mitigation plans are in place and operational.

Relationship Management

Relationship Management involves maintaining and strengthening the overall relationship between clients and their service providers.