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Leadership Team and Board Development

1. Enhancing Leadership Team Performance

Leadership Teams are critical to manage the complexity of today’s work and a great deal of time is spent by leaders in team meetings. Most team interventions focus on ‘feel good’ activities. These programs have their place but their effects are short-lived because they are disconnected from the business. The Enhancing Leadership Team Performance Program improves team performance by building capability around what effective and high performing leadership teams have: clarity of mandate and purpose, operational excellence and behaviours that optimize team performance.

The process starts with collecting data about your team.

We gather the info through one-on-one interviews and a Leadership Team Effectiveness Survey. This gives us a baseline of the team’s present performance when it comes to making decision, solving problems, and resolving conflicts. It also pinpoints the issues your team needs to tackle.

You’ll learn how to communicate well, build trust, foster support, and do your work quickly and easily.

Your leadership  team will be stronger and more cohesive.

You’ll get better results.

2. Enhancing Board Effectiveness and Performance

Highly performing Boards are critical to ensuring effective organizational governance in todays’ complex world and there is always an opportunity to enhance their effectiveness. Effective and high performing Boards are very clear on their role, have the right people on the Board and have effective and efficient meetings that focus on the right agenda items. The Enhancing Board Effectiveness and Performance Program workshop improves Board performance by ensuring clarity of purpose, operational effectiveness, and building an environment of trust and openness where Board members are comfortable challenging each other in a positive supportive manner.

The process starts with collecting data about your Board performance.

Board members complete a Board Effectiveness Questionnaire that provides a baseline of the Board’s current performance and identifies areas for improvement. This combined with one-on-one interviews with Board members establishes priorities for attention during the workshop.

Learn more about how the Enhancing Leadership Team Performance program will enhance team value and performance.

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