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Leadership Advisory and Coaching

The leadership job has never been more challenging. In these turbulent times the impact of traditional organizational solutions and models is constantly being eroded by the volatile environment and dramatic pace of change.  Many executives are looking for new ways of thinking and for increased agility that will enable them to rapidly adjust to changing conditions. I act as an independent sounding board, trusted confidant, and just-in-time thinking partner who inspires leaders to take action and implement solutions.

My leadership advisory and coaching support involves a series of one-on-one confidential conversations where my goal is to have an immediate and direct impact by challenging thinking and inspiring leaders to achieve their aspirations. I aim to keep my clients healthy, alert, positive and operating at the top of their game.

How I Work with Clients

Leadership and advisory and coaching arrangements with me typically involve two formal one-hour conversations per month plus the opportunity for clients to contact me at any time between scheduled calls to discuss current and/or pressing issues. All conversations are completely confidential. The overall duration of the arrangement is up to the client; however, I suggest a minimum six-month commitment.  Most of the arrangements I have go significantly longer, however, at the completion of six months results achieved are reviewed to re-establish goals and priorities.

Prior to, or early in the engagement, I ask clients to outline their Personal Goals and Actions and to complete a Leadership Priorities Checklist.  I also encourage the completion of a Myers Briggs Type Indicator and an Emotional Intelligence Assessment.  Each of these provide valuable insights into the client and provide insights into areas of focus and for change.

Leadership Assessment

Prior to commencing an advisory/coaching arrangement, it is often valuable to undertake an assessment of the client’s leadership performance. The purpose of the leadership assessment is to identify priority opportunities for enhancing individual performance and is an important foundation for the establishment of coaching goals. The information collected through structured one-on-one interviews with staff, colleagues and other key stakeholders, participation in team meetings, etc. provides a clear picture of how current performance is viewed and identifies specific areas for improvement. I also suggest the completion of a Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) which helps in understanding personality type and its implications.

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