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Leadership Advice & Coaching 

Leadership advisory support and coaching involves one-on-one confidential conversations between the leader and Rob where his role is to inspire and enable the leader to achieve personal, leadership and business goals. He helps leaders to clarify their vision, define what they want to achieve, strategize actions and execute action.  This advisory support and coaching also supports executives taking on new leadership positions (See Taking on the New Executive Position), getting control of their time (see Getting Control of Your Time Part 1 and Getting Control of Your Time Part 2 and reducing stress.

360 Leadership Assessment

The purpose of Rob’s qualitative leadership assessment is to identify priority opportunities for the leader to enhance individual performance and is an important foundation for the establishment of advisory and coaching goals.  Leaders also complete a Leadership Priorities Checklist to identify areas of priority focus.

Leadership Development

1. Building an Accountability and Performance Culture 

This one-day workshop substantially increases leadership and organizational performance. It engages leaders from front line supervisors to executives in a dialogue on the four foundational elements that need to be in place if they are going to get the performance they want: clearly defined expectations, sufficient capability, a supportive culture and a positive motivational environment. The key message is that if people are not delivering what is needed or expected then the leader needs to ‘look in the mirror’ to recognize how they are personally responsible for their people’s success.

The benefits of the workshop are:

  1. Leaders will identify what needs to change if they are going to enhance accountability and performance in their organization
  2. Leaders will understand the key elements of an accountability culture and what they need to do to shift culture.
  3. Leaders will assess the accountability culture in their organization and identify priorities for change.
  4. Leaders will be more effective at defining and communicating expectations for change.
  5. Leaders will recognize that the responsibility for change rests with them.

2. Essential Leadership

The development of organizational leadership capability and the enhancement of leadership performance have never been more important. This unique and powerful program integrates the approaches and models that have been shown to have the greatest and most sustainable impact. The program creates focused, unified, inspired, and high-performing leaders and leadership teams. It engages leaders and their teams in a truly holistic program that integrates:

  • Leadership and team assessments
  • Leadership coaching and one-on-one expert advice
  • Facilitated leadership development workshops
  • Peer coaching and learning
  • Team performance enhancement
  • Strategy planning and creating clarity of direction

The program consists of 3 modules: creating clarity, enabling execution and realizing results. Within each module are learning sessions that engage leaders in applying specific skills and techniques for enhancing their performance.


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