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Enhance Organizational Accountability and Performance

The Enhancing Organizational Accountability and Performance workshop substantially increases leadership and organizational performance and facilitates organizational change and transformation. The sessions engages leaders from front line supervisors to executives in a dialogue on the four foundational elements that need to be in place if they are going to get desired performance: clearly defined expectations, sufficient capability, a supportive culture and a positive motivational environment. The key message is that if people are not delivering what is needed or expected then leaders needs to ‘look in the mirror’ to recognize how they are personally responsible for their people’s success.

The benefits of the workshop are:

  • Leaders will be more effective at defining and communicating expectations.
  • Leaders will have an insight into the key elements of an accountability culture and what they need to do to shift it.
  • Leaders will recognize that the responsibility for change rests with them.
  • Leaders will develop a plan for enhancing their personal leadership performance.

Learn more about how enhancing organizational accountability and performance will enhance team value and performance.

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