Leadership Advice and Coaching


We live in a volatile environment where the impact of traditional organizational solutions and models is constantly being eroded by the dramatic pace of change. To thrive, leaders need to excel at strategic thinking and move with increased agility that will enable them to rapidly adjust to changing conditions.

Leaders who engage executive advisors and coaches recognize that what got them to where they are today won’t get them to where they want to go. They know they must get better. They are open to change, willing to stretch for higher performance and they are just more positive and fun to be around.

Coaching accelerates your performance and motivates you to new levels of achievement. In an advisory/coaching arrangement with me you can expect a series of scheduled one-on-one confidential conversations between us with the option to contact me at any time between scheduled calls to discuss pressing issues. I will help you clarify your vision, define what you want to achieve, strategize options and execute action. The duration of the coaching arrangement is up to you, however, a minimum of six months is recommended. Our conversations occur in-person, on Skype or by phone.

Leadership and Organizational Assessment

The purpose of Rob’s qualitative leadership assessment is to identify priority opportunities for the leader to enhance individual performance and is an important foundation for the establishment of advisory and coaching goals.  Leaders also complete a Leadership Priorities Checklist to identify areas of priority focus.

The purpose of organizational assessment is to identify key issues, challenges and opportunities that the leaders need to address and respond to. The information collected through structured one-on-one interviews with staff, colleagues, customers and other key stakeholders provides the basis for the establishment of leadership and business strategies and goals.

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