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Leadership Development

1. Fostering a Culture of Accountability and Performance Program

The Fostering a Culture of Accountability and Performance one-day workshop substantially increases leadership and organizational performance. They engage leaders from front line supervisors to executives in a dialogue on the four foundational elements that need to be in place if they are going to get the performance they want: clearly defined expectations, sufficient capability, a supportive culture and a positive motivational environment. The key message is that if people are not delivering what is needed or expected then the leader needs to ‘look in the mirror’ to recognize how they are personally responsible for their people’s success.

2. Building Customer Focused Accountability

In today’s competitive market place there are few organizations who do not desire to be customer-focused.  This one-day Building Customer Focused Accountability workshop substantially increases leadership and organizational performance and facilitates organizational changes needed to strengthen a customer focused culture

3. Essential Leadership Program

The development of organizational leadership capability and the enhancement of leadership performance have never been more important. This unique and powerful Essential Leadership Program integrates the approaches and models that have been shown to have the greatest and most sustainable impact. The program creates focused, unified, inspired, and high-performing leaders and leadership teams. It engages leaders and their teams in a truly holistic program that integrates:

• Leadership and team assessments

• Leadership coaching and one-on-one expert advice

• Facilitated leadership development workshops

• Peer coaching and learning

• Team performance enhancement

• Strategy planning and creating clarity of direction

The following outlines the elements of Essential Leadership. The program consists of 3 modules: creating clarity, enabling execution and realizing results. Within each module are learning sessions that engage leaders in applying specific skills and techniques for enhancing their performance.enhansing team performance

Module 1: Creating Clarity

The creating clarity module starts with an assessment of current state leadership and team performance and a review of organizational direction. This includes a qualitative 360 review for each leadership team member as well the collection of information related to team performance and priorities. It also includes a review of current planning documentation to determine the current state of the strategic plan. The information collected enables Essential Leadership to be tailored to meet the specific needs and desired outcomes of each group.

The Leadership and Team Assessment followed by a one-day workshop during which the leadership team articulates a focused and compelling description of the desired future and approaches for getting there. During the initial one-day workshop the team focuses on answering some core questions:

1. What is our fundamental purpose as an organization that makes us unique?
2. What are our aspirations and goals for the future?
3. What is the overall intent and approach for realizing our aspirations?
4. How do we need to behave as we move there?

Between the initial Creating Clarity workshop and the ½ day follow-up session there are two leadership development sessions: Leadership Behaviours and Competencies and Building Relationships and Influence. The leadership teams may also choose to use the time between sessions to engage their people in providing input into the future direction through structured and facilitated workshops. Another option is a Combating Competition workshop which prepares the organization to rise above those who are competing with the organization for people, money, reputation, influence or customers.

During the ½ day follow up session the leadership team confirms the desired future state and direction and focuses on identifying risks and establishing priorities for moving forward.

Module 2: Enabling Execution

The Enabling Execution module starts with a one-day workshop during which the leadership team produces a plan for executing on the direction and end state defined in module 1. The team defines a few key priority short term goals that must be achieved and a few clear and focused strategies and actions for achieving the defined goals. The team also reviews current planned and in-process activities to determine their impact on goal achievement and priority going forward as well as defining what needs to be done better or differently if aspirations are to be achieved?

In the Communicating for Impact workshop team members learn to speak with ‘one voice’ and effectively engage staff, Boards and external stakeholders. Leaders learn and apply basic communication principles to ensuring clear messaging that will be understood and endorsed. In the Readying for Change workshop leaders assess their organizations’ readiness for successfully implementing change and identify risks that could impact success of the change effort. Attention is paid to defining the scope and nature of the desired change, the key factors that will impact success, and what actions need to be taken if the new direction is going to be successful.

During the ½ day follow up session the leadership team confirms the strategies and actions for moving forward and develops a set of actions for engaging the organization in achieving the desired future as well as confirming a compelling scorecard for reporting on progress and enhancing accountability throughout the organization.

Module 3: Realizing Results

The Realizing Results module starts with a one-day workshop that focuses on the three ‘people’ elements that drive and sustain performance: clearly defined expectations, sufficient capability, and an inspirational environment. It also provides a roadmap to help leaders shift behaviours and habits to achieve a more desirable and highly performing culture. Leaders explore their current organizational culture and define the behaviours and habits required to achieve their strategic direction.

The Taking Control of Your Time workshop helps leaders manage their calendars so they can focus on the right priorities. Leaders develop strategies to increase delegation of responsibilities, prioritize important versus urgent work, and more effectively deal with interruptions. Creating an Inspirational Culture of Accountability workshop builds on the content of the initial one-day session but focuses on the key factors in motivating today’s workforce.

During the ½ day follow up session the leadership team reaffirms their work to-date related to defining the aspirations for their organization, strategies and implementation plans and ensures clear accountabilities and actions for change.

Enhancing Team Performance

A high functioning leadership team is essential to Creating Clarity, Enabling Execution and Realizing Results. Throughout the workshops the team will engage in constructive dialogue on current team performance and what is needed for improvement. This includes identifying and strengthening behaviours and work practices that contribute to role clarity, team growth, and operational excellence.

Leadership Coaching, Advice and Peer Coaching

Coaches act as independent sounding boards and just-in-time thinking partners to reinforce and strengthen the actions from the workshops. Coaching involves a series of one-on-one confidential conversations, outside of the sessions, where the coach’s role is to inspire and enable the leader to achieve personal, leadership and business goals.

During each session one hour is devoted to peer coaching on a priority challenge that individual team members are facing. The final hour of each session is devoted to clarifying session outcomes, actions and accountabilities.

Features of Essential Leadership

Action Oriented
During Essential Leadership leaders produce plans for immediate action. These could include actions to execute strategy, shift culture, change leadership behaviours, or revise strategic direction. Individual and collective accountability for results is built into each and every phase.

A key component of Essential Leadership is one-on-one coaching and advisory support to help leaders define and implement solutions. Between sessions, leaders get the individualized support they need to move their agendas forward.

Expertly Guided
Our program facilitators, coaches, and advisors have extensive experience helping executives navigate the intersection between leadership performance and business results. They are highly respected for their leadership wisdom and business insights.

Tailored For Intact Leadership Teams
Essential Leadership is primarily designed for intact leadership teams. It has been shown that there is greater impact when team members learn and plan together and hold each other accountable as a team.

Targeted to Your Unique Situation
The up-front assessment of the current state of leadership and team performance and organizational direction ensures that time and effort is spent where it matters most – building on existing strengths and addressing targeted opportunities and challenges.


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