About Me

I am a leadership advisor and strategist. I help leaders address emerging challenges, seize opportunities and execute approaches to enhancing their personal and business performance. As a former senior leader and organization development consultant, my work integrates leadership assessment, development and coaching.

Robert S. Cooke

  •  I help leaders embrace change; change that is coming at them at a dizzying pace. They seize opportunities and make decisions more quickly, react more briskly to challenges and threats while being more flexible and collaborative. They embrace uncertainty and observe the world around them with fresh eyes recognizing that the strategies and approaches that worked before won’t likely get them to where they need to go.
  • I help leaders employ new approaches to define and execute business strategy as traditional models, such as the 3 to 5 year strategic plan, have lost their impact and relevance in an environment exploding with change. Leaders become crystal clear about what they want to achieve and implement an evolving process for refining direction and resolving contradictions. They respond to the emerging rules of the game as they are playing it, concentrate on execution and instill a ‘launch and iterate’ culture.
  • I help leaders get the best from their people in an environment where many are overwhelmed and confused. Priorities change on a minute by minute basis and expectations need to be exceptional clear and aligned. Leaders become clear at defining expectations, ensuring capability and creating motivational and inspirational environments.
  • I help leaders transform cultures that are hindering people’s ability to effectively respond to change and be successful in the new world. Leaders define the behaviours and habits that are essential for the future and they explore habits and behaviours that are getting in the way.
  • I help leadership teams achieve clarity of team purpose, alignment and performance. Their meetings become precise and efficient, realigned to focus on clearly defined outcomes and where a great deal is accomplished in a very short period of time. Team behaviours become supportive and trust enables openness and constructive debate.
  • I help leaders take urgent action to manage their environment, time and priorities. They put processes in place for managing communications and they are blocking time for personal reflection and future planning. They are less overwhelmed and have quality non-work time.

My clients emphasize that they engage me because I bring an exceptional depth of business, strategy and leadership wisdom. I am known for my ability to effectively move between individual leaders and their teams, ensuring all are aligned and engaged. I have the ability and courage to challenge in a direct but positive manner, with the tenacity to get reality on the table. I have a deep awareness of how organizations operate, how cultures support or hinder change, and how to best achieve transformation.

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